Comprehensive and Current Panels

NMS Labs is the leading provider of postmortem toxicology testing services. We strictly adhere to ANAB-ASCLD/LAB ISO 17025 and ABFT forensic standards and employ state-of-the art technology to provide results. Having more than forty years of experience in postmortem toxicology, NMS Labs understands the importance of providing answers in an accurate and timely manner.

The NMS Labs Toxicologists are continually monitoring and updating our testing panels to identify newly emerging drugs and other substances that have the potential for misuse. Whether you seek a simplified or a comprehensive testing panel or require specialized analysis, we can meet your needs.

A Simplified Portfolio for Postmortem Toxicology

Postmortem Toxicology

Our basic offering of Drugs of Abuse and Alcohol (confirmed and quantitated).

Our Basic package, plus a predefined selection of abused drugs (including bath salts) and therapeutic drugs or metabolites. All positive findings confirmed and quantitated.

Our Expanded panel, plus a large scope of current novel psychoactive substances (NPS).

Contains the largest current library of the most relevant drugs, metabolites, poisons, and toxins for a comprehensive death investigation. Includes case history evaluation and guidance by a leading NMS Labs Toxicologist. Specimen collection kit is optimized for the accuracy of analyte detection.

Important note regarding Motor Vehicle Accident cases: To improve the interpretation of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results to exclude the possibility of contamination, positive blood ethanol results in motor vehicle accident (MVA) fatalities should be verified by analysis on a secondary specimen, notably vitreous humor, if this specimen is supplied to NMS Labs. Potential sources of contamination in MVAs may include physical (external) contamination and inhalation of fluids from the engine compartment that contain ethanol or from internal contamination from rupture of a section of the individual’s gastrointestinal tract and/or laceration of the liver during the MVA. We feel strongly that confirmation of the presence of blood ethanol in MVAs through testing in a vitreous specimen is a scientifically sound and prudent process and is recommended by NMS Labs. An additional fee may apply.