Postmortem Toxicology

You need reliable, accurate, and timely postmortem toxicology data.
You can rely on NMS Labs to deliver.

Postmortem toxicology testing services support the medical examiner and coroner community to examine autopsy specimens and identify the presence and quantity of therapeutic and illicit drugs and other toxic substances that might have resulted in the individual’s death.

NMS Labs is the leading provider of postmortem toxicology testing services and has over 50 years of experience in the field. We strictly follow forensic standards and employ state-of-the-art technology to provide results quickly and efficiently.

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Postmortem Toxicology Portfolio

NMS Labs offers exhaustive medicolegal death investigation so you can be confident in your conclusions.

Our postmortem toxicology panels range across:


Our Basic Panel covers:

  • Commonly abused illicit drugs
  • Commonly abused prescription drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Defined scope


Our Expanded Panel includes the full Basic Panel plus:

  • Expanded coverage of prescription and illicit drugs
  • Prevalent designer drugs
  • Allows for active surveillance of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)
  • Regular updates to emerging designer drug library

Expanded with NPS

Our NMS TotalTox™ Panel consists of the Expanded and Basic Panel offerings plus:

  • Most comprehensive scope of the current compounds
  • Advantages over expanded panel with one add-on compound requested:
    • Automatic confirmations for NPS compounds
    • Faster turnaround time
    • Lower list price
  • Testing for emerging NPS compounds:
    • Designer opioids such as carfentanil
    • Designer Benzodiazepines
    • Designer hallucinogens/stimulants

What is the definition of prevalent designer drugs, emerging NPS, and NPS surveillance?

Prevalent: Long-term compounds consistently present for 2 years or more

Emerging NPS: Compounds newly identified within 3-6 months

NPS Surveillance: Supplemental screening for emerging NPSs

Which test is right for you?

Many specialty panels available: carbon monoxide, alcoholic ketoacidosis, prescription drugs, metals among many others.

Test tube


Clear cause of death indicated from:

Case history


Scene investigation

lab test tube and glass container and syringe


Suspected polypharmacy overdoses

Prescription/OTC drug involvement

Pediatric cases

Suspected adulterants/cutting agents (ex. levamisole, xylazine)

Lab tools for testing
NMS TotalTox


High-profile cases

Undetermined cause of death

In-custody or law enforcement-involved cases

Regional surge of NPS

Public health surveillance

At NMS Labs, our R&D labs and the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education (CFSRE) are continuously monitoring and updating testing panels to include the most prevalent, newly emerging drugs that have the potential for misuse. From simplified to comprehensive testing panels, we are here for all your needs.

NMS Labs understands the importance of providing results in a timely and accurate manner and is uniquely positioned to monitor drug trends.

We strive to align our scope of testing to the latest drug trends and provide access to leading-edge testing services while keeping up with the fast-evolving drug landscape.

Why Choose NMS Labs?

NMS Labs is the leading provider of postmortem and esoteric tests and services. We keep pace with the rapidly evolving drug landscape by continuously gathering data and updating our panels to meet customer requirements.

Expert Staff

NMS Labs has a team of qualified toxicologists trained in drugs, toxic substances, and their effects. Our toxicologists frequently present at national conferences and are published in peer-reviewed journals.

Broad Service Scope

We offer a wide range of services in the Forensic, Clinical, and Legal Expert areas. Our routine and esoteric toxicology testing menu consists of 2,500+ drugs and toxic substances.

Easy Ordering

Use our online portal for easy ordering and secure report delivery. Supplies will be shipped to you and we pay for the shipping costs.

  • ABFT Forensic Toxicology Laboratory Accreditation Requirements
  • Criminalistics Certification in the disciplines of Controlled Substances and Blood Alcohol

We have over 50 years of experience and are trusted with high-profile cases. We have worked with a diverse range of clients and are sought out as industry leaders.


We offer fast turnaround times, client support, consultation, and the ability to review reports with toxicologists to assist in interpreting results.

How are we different?

icon of a magnifying glass with a gear, building and chemical compound

Exhaustive panels able to define compounds that other labs cannot

icon of a person with circles around him

Staffed with subject matter experts that understand the confidential nature of casework

Blue icon of two rectangular bags

Continuously updating panels to include novel psychoactive compounds

Icon of magnifying glass with people and graph in monitors

Excellent and reliable service available to you

Test tube icon for laboratory testing

Continuously updated processes and techniques to deliver to you the most accurate and timely results

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NMS Labs offers a comprehensive menu of forensic toxicology laboratory tests to support your forensic testing and clinical drug monitoring programs associated with postmortem toxicology.

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