PFAS regulations through the years

PFAS Strategic Road Map3

The EPA has committed to an action plan from 2021 – 2024 where they have set timelines by which they plan to take specific action. These plans will:

  • Consider the lifecycle of PFAS
  • Work to get upstream of the problem
  • Ensure science-based decision making
  • Implementing bolder polices to safeguard public health
  • Protection of the environment and prioritize protection of disadvantaged communities
  • Hold polluters accountable

Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)

Under the TSCA section 8 rule, manufactures must identify any PFAS used since January 1, 2011, and are prohibited from manufacturing, processing, or importing products containing long-chain PFAS moving forward5,6. They must report on the following:

  • Byproducts from the manufacturing process
  • Category of use for these compounds
  • Production volumes
  • Disposal information
  • Reports of any worker's exposure
  • Any information concerning environmental and human health effects

National PFAS Testing Strategy7

Industries who have used or manufactured PFAS compounds are required to perform testing using its TSCA toxics section 4 authority. Information gathered will help the EPA to evaluate toxicity and risk associated with future regulations, monitoring, and research of this large class of chemicals.


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